see you then. an alleged hit-and- run driver accused of killing a 6 year- old boy is behind bars this morning... after police follow tips from the community. a man is dead after a hike in the franklin mountains goes horribly wrong... forcing police to shut down a popular area. and we're learning more about what lead to the shooting death of an n-b-a star's family member in chicago. and in stormtrack weather, stephen! this is all the news you need to start your sunday, august 28th. abc-7's "good morning el paso weekend" starts right now! good morning and thank you for joing us... i'm andrew j. polk. abc-7 has reported on several mountain rescues this season alone. but now we're working to learn more about the first fatal mountain climbing accident this year. yesterday afternoon-- combined search and rescue teams were called out to the mckelligon canyon around 2:30 to rescue a 21 year old man. the area is popular with hikers and runners along the road. fire officials say the man was hiking with a friend when he fell. crews were able to locate the two, but it took several hours before a med-vac helicopter arrived to take the man to a hospital. our crews were there as police officers closed the canyon and forced park goers to leave. it's unclear how the man fell or how far he fell, but officials say he had life- threatening injuries and was transported to umc where he died. we're expecting to see more storms throughout the borderland today and possibly into the start of the work week. let's get right to storm track weather. stormtrack meteorologist stephen decatur has what we can expect for the start of your sunday morning. a wet pattern will continue the next few days...though west of the rio grande storms will be less numerous than the last couple of days. locally heavy rainfall will continue to be a threat. then toward next weekend moisture levels will drop somewhat as westerly flow attempts to take over, which will significantly reduce thunderstorm activity and allow temperatures to warm to a little above normal. thanks stephen. and the storms and wind were in the area during a church bazaar. police says it happened around 8 yesterday evening at the cristo rey church on the 8- thousand block of williamette in east el paso. our crews found the stage taped off, the lights hanging up front. it's unclear how the lights fell but witnesses tell abc-7 it was a child and an adult that were injured and taken to the hospital. police tell abc-7 the injuries were not serious. as soon as we get any more information, we'll let you know. the search for the driver responsible of killing a 6 year old boy in anthony new mexico is over. police arrested 53- year-old jose bricino yesterday. they say he struck sebastian angel fragoso on thursday... and then fled the seen. sebastian fragoso was a first-grader at gadsden elementary school he was stuck while riding his bike. the crash happened at putter and fourth street. that's in anthony new mexico. the anthony police department called a news conference last night. officers say they started following leads yesterday morning... after the anthony community gave law enforcement agencies several tips. officers found the white truck they were looking for yesterday morning just five minutes from the corner where sebastian was hit. police say they reached out to the owners and brought them in to be interviews it was after the questioning that jose bricino was arrested around 7 p-m and charged with leaving the scene of an accident involving death and failure to render aid. "i just want to thank the community for all the work they did and for helping us with this and for everything they've done." "i like to see him pa for what he's done. he took away my son's life and i want to see him pay for it." bricino is currently being held at the dona ana detention center. happening today-- a vigil will be held in las cruces for the 10 year old girl who police say was brutally murdered by her mother and 2 other people. victoria martens was found dead in her albuquerque apartment on wednesday. police arrested her mother, michelle martens, her boyfriend, fabien gonzalez and his cousin, jessica kelley. investigators say the three suspects drugged, raped, stabbed, choked and dismembered the little girl. victoria had just turned 10 years old a day before she was murdered. the vigil in las cruces will begin at 6 this evning. it will take place at the farm and ranch museum at 4100 dripping springs. if you decide to attend your asked to bring balloons and cupcakes. candles will be provided. the baby brianna birthday committee and foundation will also be there to celebrate her life. in chicago-- police say a dispute involving an uber driver is what led to the shooting of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. they say two men had an argument with the driver that escalated into the shooting. 32-year- old nykea aldridge was caught in the crossfire as she pushed her baby in a stroller on the city's southside friday afternoon... an innocent victim killed in a violent crime epidemic. she died 45-minutes after the incident. but her infant was not injured. the murder rate in chicago is up a staggering 48- percent this year. on thursday - just one day before aldrige's death--wade - joined fellow players at an e-s-p-n town hall to talk about the growing violence: "dwayne wade / victim's cousi / chicago bulls "it's about a whole coming together and understanding that it's deep rooted. and this is something that didn't start today, this something that's not gonna end tomorrow."" police say they're interrogating two persons of interest, while the uber driver is also in their custody. none of those three is classified as a suspect. a man is facing two counts of capital murder - after two nuns were found stabbed to death in their home in mississippi. 46 year old rodney earl sanders is the man who allegedly killed the nurse practioners who worked for a clinic in one of the state's poorest counties. authorities say margaret held and paula merrill were found dead - inside their rural town home thursday morning. those who knew the nuns say they had real empathy and compassion for the people they served: " "everybody was the same their eyes. all you had to do was go to them, ask them for help and they help you in anyway that they can." authorities have not revealed a motive or a possible link between sanders and the nuns. a pro football player is finding himself in the middle of controversy after he decided no to stand during the national anthem. i have to respect his right to do what he wants it doesnt mean that i have to agree with it - and i don't but it's the country that i fought for and the flag i fought for. " on friday - san fransico 49ers q-b colin kaepernick sat on the team's bench - during the anthem before the pre season game against the green bay packers. he later explained his reasoning in an interview with nfl media saying quote: "i am not going to stand up - t show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," kaepernick said adding quote... "to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder." "you have a lot of veterans who have fought and have died for this country for that flag and for his not to stand for it - that is disrespectful." a spokesman for the nfl said players are quote "encouraged but not required to stand during the national anthem." we want to know what you think! feel free to share your comments on this story on our facebook page. el paso county commissioners and university medical center staff and board members continue to meet to - hash out the budget for next year. but more concerns could create further complications - to nailing down all the details. there's a possibility that el paso children's hospital, now under umc's umbrella... could lose a key designation -- and that could ultimately affect taxpayers. children's relies on "hospita within a hospital" status to ensure it continues to get medicaid reimbursements. it can't take tax revenue, but umc leaders are already pushing for a roughly 6 percent increase in taxes from last year based on the current situation. "we're looking at this budget i the context that we are going to be a hospital within a hospital. and i'm not completely sure that is going to be what happens. i know that the children's board is working very hard to try to make that a reality, and i know umc is working with them to try to make that a reality." county commissioners did approve a proposed higher tax rate for u-m-c this past week ... but there will be several meetings and changes to directly address commissioners and administrators on the subject before it's fully put into place. to find out more about when it's scheduled to happen - you can click on this story over on k-v-i-a dot com. don't forget to pick up your copy of the el paso inc. this week, only in el paso inc.: why the army is selling 15- hundred acres in far east el paso - and what it means for development in the fast-growing region. what el paso businessman wants to be the city's youngest mayor ever, and why estela cas never wanted to be mayor. and there's a new magazine in town - el paso inc. magazine. find out about the quarterly lifestyle magazine that's taking the town by storm. el paso inc. is online at, and available for home and business delivery. call 534- 4422 to subscribe. happening today-- the el paso vietnam veterans parade will be marching through downtown. it's part of the "welcome hom el paso vietnam veterans" organization events. the festivities start at 10 a-m beginning on north florence and myrtle avenue. then at 12 p-m. there will be a recognition dinner with mariachis later at the coliseum. it's free for all vietnam veterans and 1 guest. additional guest tickets are sold for 20 dollars. it's a celebration that's the first of it's kind in the u-s. yesterday-- dozens of families showed up in mesilla park community center to celebrate the tarahumara culture. families were able to learn more about the historic culture through a run and informational booths. the indigenous mexican tribe from the sierra madre mountains is famous for its running abilities. one man we spoke with says the culture is not centered around material posessions but about the simple life: saul bustamante "th tarahumaras they are living a very simple life. yhey are living according to their culture trying to be in harmony with mother nature. " the event benefits the tarahumaras. the indigenous mexican tribe is from copper canyon in the sierra madre mountains. donald trump isn't known for taking it safe on the campaign trail... but coming up on good morning el paso weekend... there's more backlash from his latest attempt to reach minority voters. and some major weather hitting the borderland. what our viewers saw all across the region. it is , right now we'll take a live look at traffic this morning with the abc-7 traffic track system... and in stormtrack weather, stephen! stormtrack weather is next! you're watching abc-7... where news comes first!