a fire breaks out after train cars slam into a lower valley business. what witnesses saw on the scene. a community in mourning - and police asking for your help this morning... looking for the suspect in a hit and run. an a former fort bliss soldier convicted of manslaughter learns his punishment. and in stormtrack weather, stephen! this is all the news you need to start your saturday, august 27th. abc-7's "good morning el paso weekend starts right now! good morning and thank you for joing us... i'm andrew j. polk. we start with breaking news this morning. fire fighters have put out a fire after they say a rail road tanker caught fire next to a business. it happened last night on the 93 hundred block of billy the kid street in el paso's lower valley. this is video posted on our facebook page from one of our viewers showing the heavy flames coming from the area next to the building. another viewer posted this video showing the thick plumes of smoke. a spokesman with the fire department says crews arrived shortly after 11 p-m. when crews arrived, the spokesman says they found the fire coming from inside a railroad tanker next to a business. firefighters were able to get control the fire shortly after midnight. a spokesman says oil was spilling from the rail road car: "some kind of vegetable oil fatty acid type of bio product that was leaking from one of the rail carts, so our special haz mat team kept searching for the source of the leak they found it capped it off and they were able to, there were 5 rail carts only one of them was leaking." according to the fire department spokesman no one was inside the business and no firefighters were injured. damage to the rail road car is estimated at $30,000. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a community in mourning... and police now asking for your help finding the driver responsible for killing a 6 year old boy. police say sebastian angel fragoso was struck while riding his bike. he was a first-grader at gadsden elementary school. the crash happened thursday night at putter and fourth street in anthony new mexico. police say the driver who struck sebastian drove away! investigators believe this is the truck involved. police describe it as a white, 2001 to 2004 ford f-150 with an extended-cab. abc-7's josie ortegon sat down with the boy's parents. they wanted to share their story in the hopes that it would help them find whoever is responsible for killing little sebastian: "we're torn apart, we're in a lot of pain. i miss my son. i want to see my son, i want to see him running, but i can't, i can't." sebastian' father in tears as he reflects on the boy's short life. his mother holding onto a framed picture of sebastian--showing us photos of the boy throughout the years. she says he was the love of her life: "empy, i feel emy. he was a piece of my flesh. his parents say the boy was smart, loved to play outside. they say he was full of life and had a laugh that could light up the room. "when i came from wor he would always go and find me, just his smile, his hugs, i can't hug my kid anymore." police say the boy was riding his bike just down the block from where he lived when he was struck by a pickup truck. he was taken to the hospital where he died following surgery. "the couldn't do anything to save his life because he was so serious, his wounds." th driver fled the scence. police asking the public for any information, releasing this surveillance photo of what appears to be a white ford f-50. friday afternoon, neighbors and loved ones laid flowers and brought balloons to place at a makeshift memorial marking where he was killed. his parents telling abc- 7, all they want is the person responsible to come forward. "if somebody knows about anything, report them, report them to the cops, because help us, help us find him." "that the find him and turn him in. if their parents know of this, if they know anything, please don't stay quiet. that they report him, that they see our pain & suffering. that's what i want." and that was josie ortegon reporting. an account has been set up to help the family with funeral expenses, that information is included in our story online at kvia-dot-com. and if you have any information you're asked to call new mexico state police at 575-382-2500. also in new mexico-- another community is grieving the brutal death of a 10-year old girl. victoria martens was found dead in her albuquerque apartment on wednesday- a day after her birthday. police arrested her mother, michelle martens, her boyfriend, fabien gonzalez and his cousin, jessica kelley. martens and gonzalez were booked into jail earlier this week. kelley was jailed yesterday, after being treated at a hospital. investigators say the three suspects drugged, raped, stabbed, choked and dismembered the little girl: "we will make sure that w exhaust every resource in the department into this investigation." the community came together thursday night to hold a vigil for victoria. the 10-year-old was described as sociable and upbeat. they put up balloons and birthday gifts outside her apartment. there will be a vigil in las cruces in her honor. it will begin at 6 pm tomorrow at the farm and ranch museum at 4100 dripping springs. if you decide to attend your asked to bring balloons and cupcakes. candles will be provided. the baby brianna birthday committee and foundation will also be there to celebrate her life. ...stormtrack weather now! let's get your first forecast with stormtrack meteorologist stephen decatur. east to southeast winds will continue to push moist unstable air into southern new mexico and west texas into next week while disturbances aloft move into the region. this weather pattern will produce showers and thunderstorms with locally heavy rains across much of the the borderland. temperatures will be near of a little below normal each day under partly to mostly cloudy skies. after jury diliberated-- a former fort bliss now knows how many years he will spend behind bars. "that you be transferred to the texas department of criminal justice; where you shall be confined for a period of 20 years." alberto mendiola showed no emotion as judge marcos lizarraga read his punishment. as we've reported - mendiola was convicted of manslaughter in the 20-14 death of anthony bowler. the shooting happened at the home of mendiola's estranged wife. during yesterday's sentencing, bowler's sister had a chance to speak to mendiola directly: "you got lucky that you got manslaughter but you know what a divine power will get you....and karma comes three times worse than you would ever believe." "you know this a very tragi case; there are no winners in a case like this. " that was mendiola's attorney, joe spencer. during the trial, spencer argued that his client suffered from p-t-s-d. mendiola was also fined 5-thousand dollars. he will be eligible for parole after serving ten years in prison. abc-7 is still working to find out the cause of a crash that sent two people in serious condition to a local hospital. it happened last night around 7 in el paso's lower valley on the 97-hundred block of alameda. the el paso fire department says five people were taken to the hospital. fire officials tweeted at least two were in serious condition. we're still working to find out more information. we will update you on air and online as soon as the information becomes available. an el paso veteran who was one of the first paratroopers to jump in the d-day invasion of world war 2 was laid to rest. "nats: horn playing for fiv seconds" maynard beames- der-fer - or "beamy" as his numerous friends called him - was laid to rest yesterday at fort bliss national cemetery. dozens gathered for a final goodbye to beamy. the 92-year-old was a member of the 101st airborne-- his job was to guide planes to a safe landing. the threat of the zika virus continues to have impacts across the country. coming up on good morning el paso weekend... that now includes policies for blood banks. and later - a borderland school is teaching and challenging students in innovative new ways. it is , right now we'll take a live look at our abc-7 traffic track system this morning: and in stormtrack weather, stephen! stormtrack weather is next! you're watching abc-7... where news comes first!