are exploring their interests and talent through music in school. at the el paso school district-- there is one department that helps make it possible for thousands of students. good morning el paso's denise olivas is live with the story ... denise? this morning-- some middle school students may be debating what instrument fits them best. episd is ready to rent out the more than 12-thousand instruments it owns: "during the summer is when need to make sure all that equipment is up and up ready for them" mark manago is a piano technichian and one of six who make up the instrument repair shop. episd has more than 12-thousand instruments for students. the shop averages about 50 repairs a week. episd fine arts director michael phillips says students as young as fifth graders are given the opportunity to delve into music. he adds that's when parents can carefully consider the type of investment they want to make: "it they're being introduced to music for the very first time you may want to rent an instrument and see what their level of commitment and excitement is or if that's the instrument for them and then make a decision after that" parents you may like the sound of this-- the episd rental fee for any instrument is 45 dollars for the entire school year. if you decide to buy-- phillips say local music stores to have a rent to own option. 6-07... weather and traffic on the 7s... some lingering showers over hudspeth county this morning will