a look at how the ysleta school district ensures its seniors don't get too comfortable during their last year of high school. good morning el paso's denise olivas is live ... denise? senioritis-- the senior slide-- call it what you will-- it can be easy to enjoy senior year too much and lose track of deadlines and college applications. rebecca meza is a go center specialist at riverside high scool. the go center has resources for graduating seniors. meza can help students apply for scholarships, fill out college applications and guide through the financail aid process. even after graduating-- if a student decides they want to go to college-- they can use the resources at the go center: "it's definetely always good to come here and see what we need to do now and start early so we're not rushing for those deadlines" think junior year will go easier..all you options open" last year more than half of graduating seniors received scholarships. the