of violence in north "there has been a second nigh of violence in north carolina as once again protestors clash with police some even looting local businesses. i'm abc's maggie rulli and we'll have more from charlotte coming up." "the person who intentionally kills a child, through, murder should face the ultimate punishment." plus--we hear from the governor of new mexico -- who put baby brianna's mother behind bars. she speaks out after the release of stephanie lopez. and new this morning--- the el paso independent school district is looking for more parents to get involved in their children's school. the details in a live report. the scene is all too familiar overnight. demonstrators once again took to the streets in charlotte north carolina in angry protests. one civilian was shot and is now on life support this morning. we have the latest from charlotte coming up..but first a very good morning el paso, las cruces, and juarez. i'm stephanie valle. and i'm hillary floren. good morning, everyone. ..autumn is here!! the last remains of tropical feature paine are over the borderland early thursday, giving the area few thunderstorms. feature clears the area later thursday as next pacific trough moves in with weak cold front. front/trough may produce a few showers friday, otherwise it looks like a dry weekend coming up with mostly seasonable temperatures. we begin here with the breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina tonight where we saw a second night violent protests in the wake of the fatal police shooting keith lamont scott - a black man shot by a black police officer . abc's maggie rulli has the latest. :50 1:25 nats - "?bang!..." anger? an violence? taking over the streets of charlotte nats - "?bang!..." a least four police officers are injured? and this morning one protester is on life support?. after being shot in the head - police say - by another civilian nats - "no justice, no peace, no justice, no peace?" the protests started peacefully, nats but quickly turned chaotic hundreds of protestors faced off against police in riot gear?. some throwing fireworks?. the police - firing back with flash grenades and tear gas the govenor has declared a state of emergency. anger is building here in charlotte? over two starkly different stories of how keith lamont scott died. the police say they confronted scott inside an apartment complex and were forced to shoot sot - chief kerr putney: "mr. scott exited his vehicle, armed with a handgun...as the officers continued to yell at him to drop it." police say gun was recovered... his family says that's not true.. and claim it wasn't a gun - it was a book. sot -- "pow, pow, pow, pow. that's it. he had no gun." now - a neighbor who says she was there - also says there was no gun sot taheshia williams: "the boo that fell off his lap. he didn't get out waving no gun, he got out like this." both the office involved - brentley vinson - and scott were black men. sot pastor amere may, sr.: "often times we try to make it a white-black issue it doesn't matter if you're black or white, it's what you represent. it's the uniform you represent. so we try to make it black or white, but it's really bigger than black or white. police say there's dash and body cam video of the shooting?but they refuse to release that footage until investigation is complete. which has only angered some protestors even more the community in tulsa gathered last night calling for peace and unity following the deadly police shooting of a man over the weekend. "i pray for you you pray for me people gathered to unite after the shooting and killing of terence crutcher just 6 days ago. the unarmed black man had his hands up in the middle of the street when the female officer shot and killed him. the officer is now on administrative leave as the investigation continues. crutcher's funeral is set for saturday. she was sentenced to prison for more than 27 years for not doing anything to stop the repeated rape of her infant daughter. now, she's a free woman. stephanie lopez was being held in the new mexico women's correctional facility in grants. she got out on good behavior after serving 13 years. baby brianna's rape and abuse case is one of the state's most notorious crimes. our new mexico mobile newsroom spoke with governor susan martinez yesterday and asked her if this was justice. "1:13- 1:27 and no that bab has not received justice. and that woman has not paid her...the sentence that is deserved for doing what she did to this itty-bitty little girl. lopez will spend the next two years on parole-- reportedly here in el paso. new this morning-- a call to all parents of the el paso independent school district. it's looking for more pta volunteers. good morning el paso's denise olivas is live with the story ... denise? while schools like mesita elementary have a parent- teacher association-- some episd campuses don't. one mother-- edith velasco-- who is also the newly- elected president of the council of pta's wants to change that at episd: "we're under a very limited budget every year so when parent can come into the school...and they're really helping children" velasco's children attend polk elementary school. through out the year-- members of the pta have a great presence at the campus. they get involved with school projects and help execute events. in some schools velasco says the pta helps establish a relationship with military families who are new to the area. she says it's a rewarding experience that benefits that parent and the student: "it's a wonderful thing whe parents are involved, research has shown that when parents are in the school, the students get into less trouble their self- esteem improves and they get better grades" velasco says if you'd like to join the pta-- it's never too late. parents are encouraged to contact their campus or sign up at pta.org. 6-07... weather and traffic on the 7s... latest models backing off wetter solution through the pta.org. 6-07... weather and traffic on the 7s... latest models backing off wetter solution through the period, with a decidedly autumn looking pattern. i think we can say goodbye to summer after the next couple of days. in the short term, the remnants of paine are looking very flimsy, and looking like it's not going to amount to much of a significant event. wv imagery showing upper portion of paine now entering western new mexico, with dry slot just entering the far southwest. visible satellite still shows surface circulation just southeast of yuma. interestingly, tpw shows pw max around this circulation, while aloft some of the driest air around moves over the same area. considerable cu has fired off most all of our higher terrain this afternoon. thunderstorms so far have been limited to the otero mesa and the sac mtns. isolated thunderstorms look adequate for tonight's forecast. shortwave associated with paine finally cuts across new mexico mid day thursday, though tail end of moisture plume will lay across the cwa into friday. will continue low pops through friday afternoon. the last 90 degree readings of the summer may also end after friday/saturday. ...abc-7 traffic track ... now it's time to take a look at the tx-dot traffic cams... still ahead-- tension across the country is high - on the issue of police force-- and back here in the borderland a similar case is brought to light after an officer is reinstated following the shooting death of an inmate. and later---good morning america's ginger zee spoke with students in the borderland yesterday. we hear from students on how she inspired them.. and this is abc-7, where news comes first! new this morning... el paso police have identified the body of a man found in far