breaking overnight-- one person is dead after a shooting. our 'round the clock crew has the latest details in a live report. "we were shocked about it. it doesn't happen here. we train for it but you don't think it is coming to alpine, texas" a small town rocked by tragedy. our complete coverage of the deadly shooting at alpine high school continues this morning. ""this is a major victory fo consumers. consumers should never be taken advantage of by their bank." plus--- one of the nation's biggest banks is being accused of fradulent practices -- affecting hundreds of thousands of americans for years. a small town southeast of el paso, rocked by tragedy. students in alpine -- evacuated following a shooting at the high school. the school district has canceled classes in all three schools today as students, teachers and residents try to get back to normal. abc-7 continues your complete coverage this morning in just a bit---but first... to breaking news out of northeast el paso .. one person is dead after being shot. it happened on the 86- hundred block of guadalupe just before 2 a-m. that's where we have good morning el paso's denise olivas live with the latest ...denise? crimes against person was called out just before 4 a.m. police confirm one woman is dead after being shot. police were seen looking around the neighborhood for suspects. no word on any arrests. no details have been released into what led up to the shooting. thank you, denise -- and now, a very good morning el paso, las cruces, and juarez. i'm stephanie valle. and i'm hillary floren. good morning, everyone. now, let's talk stormtrack weather. much drier air moves into the borderland today behind the exit of newton's remnant trough this morning. rain chances reduce to near zero across the region today with temperatures warming back to normal. a strong cool front pushes in from the east early saturday morning. gusty east winds and a quick cool down will be the most notable results. a few more clouds and possibly a few showers are possible, but most locations will remain dry saturday and sunday. late sunday into monday moisture begins to move back into the region. after a warm up early in the week temperatures will drop a bit as the region sees more clouds and better rain and storm chances through the rest of the week. now, to our complete coverage of the tragedy in a small west texas town. abc-7 spoke with a student who was inside the school when the chaos unfolded. police say a 14- year-old girl opened fire on a classmate-- and then shot and killed herself inside a school bathroom. it happened around 9 a.m. yesterday morning at alpine high school. alpine is about 220 miles southeast of el paso. a small town with a population of roughly 59-hundred people. abc-7 reporter evan folan and photographer jerry najera traveled to alpine... they continue our complete coverage this morning. / "normal at day then the teacher rushed into the classroom and said lockdown and we heard on the announcements it wasn't a drill" tape blocks off portions of alpine qhigh school after a school shooting turned deadly. "we went into th back room and we stayed in there for about 30 minutes. we heard the shots and cam out. " what students saw was graphic- "we came right back out and we went through the halls there was a bunch of blood" kids were told to leave the school in a single file line "they were bringing the kids out i guess by classroom by classroom so they all had them in line coming out quick and the brought them to the opposite side of the high school" every student was told to put their hands up student was told to put their hands up "the kids were shaken up th were crying the were really upset and parents were picking up the kids officials say the were picking up the kids officials say the shooter - a 14-yo first year student - new to alpine. having only lived there for about 6 months "it's really har to wrap your head around a child thay young doing something like this." the shooter fired at another girl injuring her before turning the gun on herself... "i just... was i shock that out of all places it had to happen at our school." students community members and the sheriff all in disbelief. "sheriff: we wer shocked about it it doesn't happen here we train for it but you don't think it is coming to alpine texas this needs to be a lesson it'll go to any town" on cam tag im told the shooter's family is cooperative with investigators as they continue to search for a motive. in alpine, edf abc7 the victim in the shooting is recovering. her injuries are not life threatening. schools will resume classes on monday. the brewster county sheriff tells abc-seven a u.s. homeland security officer responding to the shooting was also wounded. he was shot in the leg when a u.s. marshal accidentally discharged his weapon. / 6-07... weather and traffic on the 7s... after a swift track across nw mexico into se az...the remnants of newton are still dragging it's feet on it's exit. however wv satellite shows the mid-level trough associated w/ newton is currently over the cwfa and models indicate it will be east of our region by mid morning. as it shifts east the area comes under the nw flow behind the trough with much drier continental air move in. this will drop pws below 1" as dewpoints begin to fade back into the 40s across much of the area. the bottom line will be it will quickly become too dry for any showers or storms as the atmosphere becomes stable. clouds will be much more scarce and temperatures will warm to a couple of degrees above normal today. traffic track ... now it's time to take a look at the tx-dot traffic cams... much more to come here on gmep--- happening today---an honor flag ride in alamogordo is set to help th family of fallen officer corvinus--- this as his family and friends prepare to say goodbye- one week after he was shot and killed. / and later---the chihuahuas head to tacoma today to take on the rainiers in game three of the playoffs---we'll have last nights highlights coming up. and this is abc-7, where news comes first! happening today---- happening today----