breaking news overnight----3 people are in the hospital following a shooting in northeast el paso. the latest from the scene in a live report. funeral arrangements made for the alamogordo police officer killed over the weekend. "hermine continues its march up the east coast as beachgoers are forced to rethink their labor day plans, i'm maggie rulli and well have the more on the sotrm comin gup" a very good morning el paso, las cruces, and juarez. i'm stephanie valle. hillary floren is off this labor day, as is stephanie valle. hillary floren is off this labor day, as is stormtracker nichole gomez. meteorologist stephen decatur is filling in this morning. wv imagery showing moisture plume fairly well dissipated over the southern u.s., though small streams of higher level moisture continue over the area. pws range from 1.1 inches east to 0.6 inches three people are in the hospital after a shooting in northeast el paso. this happened at the i-d-k bar near the intersection of grouse and mc- combs. abc-7's andrew j polk is live ... andrew? this is new video from our round the clock crew. according to emergency dispatchers, three people were taken to the hospital. we know one of them is in serious condition. according to police at the scene... the shooting happened after a group of men who left the i-d-k bar came back and got into a fist-fight with another group. police say one man from the group that came back had a handgun and started firing. one person was shot in the stomach and arm... that is the person who we know is in critical condition. a second person was shot in the leg. a third person was shot in the leg and the arm. we also know that the police gang unit is investigating this case. no word on any arrests. s like we mentioned earlier -- today is labor day, and that means several places will be closed. that includes el paso city hall and and all municipal offices, the greater el paso landfill, public libraries -- dona ana county offices and las cruces city hall. also, all public schools -- utep, e- p-c-c, n-m-s-u and d- a-c-c. sun metro will be operating on a sunday schedule. funeral plans are being made for alamogordo police officer clint corvinus. corvinus was shot and killed as he and another officer were running after a wanted man. police say shots were fired at some point -- and cornivus was hit. he died at a hospital. corvinus was a 4 1/2 year veteran with the department -- he leaves behind an 8- year old girl. corvinus wil be laid to rest on saturday. the public funeral will be held at 10 in the morning at the tays center, on the 2400 block of scenic drive. it's the largest facility at the n-m-s-u alamogordo campus. the man corvinus was chasing was joseph moreno. police say he had three active warrants against him. he was pronounced dead on scene. labor day weekend has been cut short for many along the east coast. former hurricane hermine led to two deaths and caused plenty of damage when it hit the south. when it headed north -- residents were warned to get out of its way -- especially along the shore -- where millions love to spend summer's last hurrah. abc's maggie rulli -- continues our stormtrack weather coverage. hermine continues to batter the northeast ... sot woman: "you can feel it in the house -- when the waves hit, the pilings shake." now a post tropical cyclone... the former hurricane is churning up dangerous waves and potentially life threatening rip currents. sot: lifeguards have been very careful at keeping ppl out of the water." govenors along th eastern seabord are taking emergency precautions... new york city beaches are shut down for the second day in a row and new jersey has declared a state of emergency in some coastal counties. crews have been working through the weekend building up sand dunes to keep the storm surge at bay. sot pop / woman fla absolutely ferocious hermine slammed into florida friday as a category one hurricane with 80 mile per hour winds... tossing trees, exploding powerlines and causing death. i looked out my window and there is an ocean outside hermine then turned towards georgia, the carolinas and virgina with torential rain... leaving some entire neighborhoods underwater... and caving in giant this sinkhole o/c close: hermine remains a powerful storm that's expected to sit just off the coast of southern new england for days and officials are once again urging people use caution and stay out of the water - even if the weather seems decent... as the threat of potentially deadly rip currents remains extremely high. yesterday, president obama met with leaders from two vital american allies -- the u-k and turkey. british prime minister theresa may and barack obama said ties between their countries will remain strong -- despite brexit. 6-07... weather and traffic on the 7s... wv imagery showing moisture plume fairly well dissipated over the southern u.s., though small streams of higher level moisture continue over the area. pws range from 1.1 inches east to 0.6 inches far west. visible sat showing lots of cu from the divide east but little or no vertical growth, likely due to a cap around 650mb per kepz now it's time to take a look at the tx-dot traffic cams... keep it here. we have much more to come on gmep--- residents are pleading with the government for help after heavy rains caused severe flooding over the weekend. / plus-- protests continue following the president's impeachment in brazil. and this is abc-7, where news comes first! welcome back--- take a look at this!