""we have a lot of work ahead us. we have a rough road ahead of us"... the family of victoria marten speaking out---saying they want lawmakers to make changes to keep the children of new mexico safe. and new this morning ... what governor susana martinez had to say about the victoria martens case during her visit to las cruces. plus--celebrating the life and legacy of juan gabriel--how our sister city says they plan to honor the singer. / a very good morning el paso, las cruces, and juarez. i'm stephanie valle. and i'm hillary floren. good morning, everyone. east to southeast winds will transport moist unstable air into southern new mexico and west texas while upper disturbances move into the region. this weather pattern will generate scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms through thursday with heavy rainfalls causing flash flooding over a few locations. showers and thunderstorms should diminish next weekend as westerly winds push drier air into the borderland. from the abc-seven new mexico mobile newsroom... the grandparents and other relatives of a 10-year-old albuquerque girl brutally murdered last week are making their first public statements about victoria martens' death. "today we speak for children an for the voice of little victoria. police found victoria's battered and dismembered body inside the apartment she shared with her mother last wednesday after reports of a domestic disturbance. the girl's mother, boyfriend and boyfriend's cousin face charges of child abuse resulting in death, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. family spokeswoman laura bobbs says the family plans to push for stronger laws to stop crimes against children. " "to try to make these laws little more stringent. to work with authorities, to try and stop these innocent killings".. family and close friend's to victoria's mother said they never picked up that anything was wrong. victoria's mother and the other two suspects remain behind bars, each with a bond set at 1- millions dollars our new mexico mobile newsroom talked with governor susana martinez who says victoria's murder deserves the ultimate punishment. good morning el paso's denise olivas is live with the story ... denise? governor susana martinez says victoria martens' death reminds her of a case she led as district attorney. in 2003, martinez prosecuted, convicted, and sent baby brianna's family to prison for torturing and killing her. just like baby brianna--- victoria will never get to celebrate her birthday. victoria's suspected killers remain behind bars. today family members are also questioning why victoria's mother michelle martens never mentioned her relationship with a man once convicted of child endangerment. his cousin who is also charged in victoria's death is a convicted felon. martinez says victoria's mother should've been the one to protect her. 0:17 you know, there's evil in this world. i really do believe it. how can anyone do those kinds of things to victoria, or baby brianna, or any child. there's just evil in the world and i believe that" while martinez says she plans to add the death penalty to her legislative agenda-- right now she wants to focus on victoria martens little brother who is left without a mother and sister. we are learning more about the death of juan gabriel, and what's being planned in his honor. the music icon died of an apparent heart attack sunday in california at the age of 66. mexican media is reporting his body will be taken from los angeles to mexico. the news of his death spread as his fans were gathering at the don haskins center for a concert sunday night. many fans have already returned to get their refunds. "natural sound" in mexico--- hundreds of fans gathered at his statue in mazatlan on monday to remember the music legend. this is new video this morning. fans gathered to sing his songs and pay respects. there is still no official word on when his burial will take place but one juarez media outlet is saying authorities there are exploring a grand event at "e punto" where the pope celebrate mass. / / new this moring suspended brazilian president dilma rousseff has made one last push, declaring her innocence at the start of her impeachment trial. last night ---police dealt with more demonstrators in support of her. you can see officials dressed in riot gear throwing tear gas into a large crowd,. this could very well be her last day as president. ...but she warns senators that ousting her would hurt a young democracy. this morning, donald trump is increasing his attacks on hillary clinton's closest aide. huma abedeen announced her split monday from disgraced former new york congressman anthony weiner...caught up in yet another sexting scandal. the new york post published raunchy pictures allegedly sent by weiner to a woman identified only as a 40 something divorcee and trump supporter. weiner resigned from congress in 2011 in embarrassment. he accidentally tweeted a lewd photo of himself. the sexting allegations from several women piled up but abedin stayed by her husband's side. the relationship and abedin's closeness to clinton has been a line of attack for months for trump. / "she's married to a guy that' uncontrolled and uncontrollable. he's a sick person and you know she has access to classified information. hillary clinton has not made any comments on the split. 6-07... weather and traffic on the 7s... ...abc-7 traffic track ... now it's time to take a look at the tx-dot traffic cams... keep it here. we have much more to come here on gmep-- gas prices are once again making a change -- as we head into the holiday weekend. plus--- a semi causes a 10-car-pile up on busy highway -- and it's all caught on dash cam video. it's what bystanders do that will surprise you. and this is abc-7, where news comes first!