highlighted the growing problem of realistic toy guns. it featured several examples of people killed by police who were unable to distinguish in a split second the look- alike weapons from the real thing. so, has anything changed? abc-7's andrew j. polk reports. amid the national debate on what police should do when stopping someone, another recent instance of mistaken weapon identity. 13-year old tyree king in ohio was shot and killed after police say he pulled this bb gun that looked like a real firearm. there are also instances of people using real-looking bb guns to commit crimes ... like a string of robberies committed by borderland teens late last year... even shooting out a window or two with what turned out to be not actual firearms. "how would i know a pellet gu from the real gun?" "imagine yourself in that kin of split second life or death decision. you're out one day when your suddenly presented with one of these. think quickly, it could mean your life. were you able to tell which one was real and which one was fake? for the record, this is the fake one, but has many of the same looks and features as this one. this one shoots pellets, this one shoots real, live ammunition." "no, not at all!" "i wo think that's real." "uh, lef one's fake." j. scott drake i the ceo of drake fine sporting arms, a store on mesa in the process of opening that sells a verions of the real smith & wesson handgun we showed people pictures of. "you know, the rough differences of opening that sells a verions of the real smith & wesson handgun we showed people pictures of. "you know, the rough differences in a split second decision are very hard to spot. with the popularity of the airsoft tactical simulations and the ways they're making pellet guns and things like that now, it can be very hard to tell the difference." you might be wondering about what happened to having orange tips on fake guns. federal law does require it on a "toy look-alike, or imitation" but not paintball, pellet or bb guns. and many sporting goods stores in town sell these pellet gun reproductions. "you have to put yourself i that position. if i was in that position, seeing a person pull one of those pieces out, even if it is a pellet gun or any kind of gun, i'm going to be alarmed and threatened by it." "i woul be very concerned, yes sir." andrew j. polk, abc-7 el paso police sent us a statement saying, quote ... "to expect someone to identif or differentiate between real and replica in that time is simply asinine. "reaching for or pointing anything that looks like a firearm during an interaction with the police is a dangerous thing to do." last night we told you about an el pasoan being named the new las cruces