new york. 300 books, 2 schools, 1 goal ... in today's estela's escuelas ... "me!me! me! me! we take you out to red sands elementary -- where sheriff's deputies are helping dozens of students prepare for the big test. deputies from east montana patrol station dropped off hundreds of books this morning. the are urging all the third-graders to read and get ready to pass the reading portion of the starr test. if the sudents pass, the deputies will return to their school. only this time, they'll show up with pizza! "i just think this is great way for the sheriff's office to give back to the community ... giving to the future of the area that we serve. " deputies bought the books with money from an anonymous donor. they will also deliver books to montana vista elementary tomorrow. and hopefully, both schools will soon have a pizza party. good luck to all the students!