decision on the 669 million dollars episd bond.. it is the city's biggest in history. abc-7's stephanie guadian is live in the newsroom to tell us how the district is educating the public. stephanie... the district is holding two to three informational meetings a day for voters. tonight-- one was held as burges high school. if the bond passes--- the school will see a 56 million dollar renovation. :16-:29 :53 - 1:04 :20... is am still undecided parent patricia licerio -- is exactly the type of voter episd is reaching out at community meetings like this one. the district is feverishly working to educate the public about the 669 million dollar bond on the november ballot. #1 :24 i can see the pros and the doesn't outweight the other.i need to be persuaded that this is going to be for my children. my child is a junior. and the other one is a freshman. and i am thinking by the time this all happens. my children are going to be out of school anyway. :37 patricia's children go to burges high school .. where the meeting was held. the school--- built back in 1955--- is one of the schools slated for renovation. #7:33 the overall campus is in need of improvements. 7:41 islea holguin's daughter , andrea, is a sophomore at burges. 7:49 the restrooms, just the restroom facilites are really in a bad condition. i am sure they are asbestos filled.. it's an old school.. but there is a whole lot of pride here. 8:00 with only 8 weeks to the election, episd has some 60 meetings planned between now and then. melissa martinez 5:20 there is a about 2 to 3 meetings scheduled per day from here to there. we also have information on the website. daily social media posts, we have videos online. 5:33 district officals believe once voters understand the need--- and what exactly how the money will be spent-- they will say yes to the biggest bond in el paso's history. 1:56 our children here are not up to date on a lot of things like other schools are, i need to hear how it's going to help us. 2:04 district officals want the public to know.. if you can't make it to one of their meetings.. you can always take a look at the district's website. there you will find a complete breakdown of the bond .. and see exactly how the money will be spent. we have a link on our website.. that is kvia dot com. just look under links mentioned. tonight mexico celebrates el grito de la independencia. the first grito happened near guanajuato in