in mexico in 1810 it's considered the beginning of the mexican war of independence tonight juarez residents are celebrating the day abc-7's jerry najera brings us the story from the estadio olmpico benito jurez: at midnight the president of mexico in mexico city will yell viva mexico viva mexico viva mexico and that's what many resident of ciudad juarez are doing tonight expressing patriotism for their county hundreds showed up to celebrate el grito de independencia "this is wher mexico begins we have to be patriotic" said juan zamora. as many enjoyed free music under the stars they displays their love for their country of mexico with dresses hats and flags galore parents like esteban cortez say he celebrates because they live in a free country and while many enjoy fresh tortas and aguas frescas cortez says being at this celebration is important so that families and communities will rember their culture and heritage. "an to show the world that juarez is peaceful and family oriented" the mexican independence day celebration here in cd juarez will continue through friday at the iconic x jan abc7 tonight there was a make a wish fundraiser in east el paso. my co-host rick cabrera served as the m-c. it was held at the southwest university events center. the venue was decked out like a circus tent. tommy austin -- one of the founders of make