the school will be renovated -- thanks to voters passing the yselta isd's $430 million dollar bond last year. abc-7's stephanie guadian is live in the newsroom to explain how officials are planning to build a better future ... while students still attend the school. y-i-s-d plans to spend $93 million dollars to turn eastwood into a state of the art high school. it will be a little tricky though ... some of the students will take classes at another school during construction.. while others will be hitting the books in portables. :30-:42 eastwood hs changes. 3 1:58 my opinion is that it is going to be better because the school is going to be better. the only think that sucks is that it is going to be in portables. 2:07 we asked students at eastwood high .. how they feel about the construction set to start next fall. some have mixed feelings. eastwood hs changes 3 1:25 because we are going to be stuck in portables. well, i'm kind of excited and sad at the same time. 1:30 not all students will be staying on campus through the expansion and upgrades. pat o'neill associate superintendent yisd:18 next year, all ninth grade students will be attending eastwood middle for the next two years while we rebuild eastwood high school. :25 the 10th, 11, 12th graders will stay at campus, on campus and we will have them in portables for part of the building. :33 eastwood hs changes 3 :23 i don't think it will affect us at all. the faculty at eastwood is very attentive to students. i really don't think it will impact the studies we have here. :32 the district plans to leave 125,000 square feet as is, but it will demolish some areas of the school , rebuilding a three-story classroom wing, a new athletics area and increased parking. more than 250-thousand square feet will be added. some parents worry their kids may miss out some on the high school experience-- like sports-- when the orange construction cones appear. 2:52 we talked to several different venues that we can possibly use with the baseball, softball is off campus, so that is not an issue. we are only going to tear down one of the gyms. 3:01 eastwood hs changes 3 :06 i am actually really excited. the eastwood community needs to revamp what we have here. i think the school spirit here this year is completely crazy. and i think we need a new school to match that. :16 construction is expected to be finished in august of 2019. this year the school lost about 100 students... officals say they expert to lose more during renovations. but when the school done-- y-i-s-d anticipates enrollment to be bigger than ever. rick and estela back to you. the list of candidates to become the next superintendent of las cruces public schools is now down to just five. two of those five finalists