"we have a lot of vacation days and sick days" county employees have a combination of 28 holiday and vacations days... they also have an additional 15 sick days a year. that totals to 43 days - employees can be off. "i do think it is excessive "it may be a little too much" county employees we asked - wanted to speak on camera about the time off... however, one woman who claims to be a county employee messaged us saying quote: "i appreciat the days off we have and i'd sure hate to lose them. i look at is as an exchange for small pay increases and paying for our own parking." compared to other counties pto - el paso tops most. "e pasos holiday and vacation day amount is above the average." stout said th average is about 24/25 days. "our sick leave i also 2 or 3 days above the average. i think the average is about 10- 12." haggerty thinks it's too high... " w need to cut back a bit and be in line with everyone else" their reasoning is to b competitive with the private sector - since they can't match the pay. "we us that as an incentive for people to come and work for us - for people who would rather work in the private sector" but those numbers could fall. "the court is asking that hr look at the total number of leave days employees have and bring back a recommendation" that recommendation is due in november... county employees could see a drop in the number of sick days. instead of 15 - it could go down to 12 or possiblye 10. to stormtrack weather now! it