specifically about this weekends deadly hiking incident. abc-7's evan folan is live with the details ... r/e this weekend marks the 13th combined search and rescue of the year... last year we had 17.. we spoke with members on that team - to learn more about what they do - to help hikers in need. 25-31 1:02-1:12 1:12-1:35 combined search and rescue has 40 members. 30 from the fire department and 10 from the police department. "every shift has members on dut when there is an incident they respond" an every incident is different and brings it's own challenges. "are they lost are they hurt ar they on the known part of the trail is is day or night is the weather good or bad" but rest assure - they are always prepared. "we trai monthly we do hikes on the trail - on our own time we do a mandatory workout we have to do" being physicall fit is a must for their job. "comsar team is incredible fast" when rescuing someone comsar members carry backpacks which weigh anywhere between 40 to 50 pounds. helmets, gloves ... and much more. "in my pack we have a harness. depending on where they are on the mountain we may need to use" ice packs, medication, additional clothing, water and much more to rescue injured hikers. but mountain rescues can be avoided if you follow these tips. "plan ahead and make sure you have the proper equipment gear and time. make sure you are physically fit to hike the trail." standup: "wh hiking stay on the trails because if you leave the trail you are breaking park rules, hurting the eco system, and putting your life at risk. these trails are designed for hiking and if you leave the trail youre putting your life at risk and its going to take comsar a lot longer to find you and to rescue you." but they will be ready to help... "w have guys on for one year guys on for 15,16,17 years and all that experience brings security." for more informatino on comsar and how to be safe while hiking visit kvia dot com. music nats -- wait for cue remembering