renovation was the talk of the town ... before, during and long after its scheduled completion. the construction became water cooler fodder for many el pasoans... with the project falling nearly a year-and-a-half behind schedule! but finally in april of this year ... the new plaza in the heart of downtown el paso was revealed. some were "wowed ..." others say with th price tag and delays, they were expecting to see a whole lot more. remember it, it was a blame game between the city and the contractor... with the city charging one-thousand dollars for every day the construction went past deadline. in the end, it looks like that actually saved el paso taxpayers some money. fast forward - 5 months later - and the city is closing the books on the finances as the city and contractor - basic id iq - have reached a settlement. abc-7's evan folan is livewith the story ... that settlement didn't come easily.. there was a lot of back and forth between the city and contractor on who owed what? 21-27 53-1:02 a 4.5 million dollar renovation completed a year and a half late. "sometimes it was the contracto and sometimes not" missed deadlines cos money - but who would foot the bill? " there was a lot of give and takes and for who was responsible for what" fro delay damage to change orders - both the city and contractor had their own opinions on who was financially reponsible. "it went to mediation and it is something that happens before you engage in a lawsuit" the city claimed more than a quarter of a million for delay damage - which included a thousand dollar fine each day the project wasn't finished. and another quarter of a million for change orders after the contractor allegedly didn't follow the plan ... "we initiated a change orde because designs did not call for that" "the utilities was one - they had placed utilities on the upper part of san jacinto plaza and we wanted them below so you cant see them" by agreement, the city had been holding back nearly half a million dollars to ensure completion. that's called retainage. but the contractor claimed the city owed it more than a million for additional work. " it was not 100 percen agreement but they agreed to end on friendly terms" both parties settled - and the contractor accepted the retainage as the full and final settlement. "they walked away with what was fair and we walked away without going into litigation and we ended up with a san jacinto plaza" along with the settlement both parties agreed to pay their legal expenses related to the dispute. evan, thank you. and here's a live look