a bomb scare at a utah elementary school is connected to former utep basketball player chris craig. craig sent an email earlier this afternoon to dozens of members of the media saying he was going to walk into eagle valley elementary school with a quote "true explosive" the school is located in eagle mountain utah. about an hour ago -- sheriff officials in utah released craig's mugshot. they say he was wearing a mask when he walked into the school and told school officials to evacuate the kids and that no one would get hurt. abc-7's evan folan - picks up the story.... craig's email detailed exactly what he was going to do... and why he claims he decided to do it. here's a portion of what he wrote - and how the incident unfolded. "my reason for writing today is because of my pending arrest and hunger strike which begins when i press send on this discourse of truth" crai - a self proclaimed islamic jhihadist- details his plans in an email sent to dozens of members of the media. writing: "i will call 911 with threat of an explosive and drive onto my 9yr olds elementary school, eagle valley elementary, with a true explosive." ..."ps thi is my front yard and both of those people are in my front yard" hours later the schoo was evacuated and snipers were in position as a masked man paced out front of an elementary school in utah... this video was posted on facebook from a woman who lives across the street from the school. "he is getting really braze with how far out he walks" craig's email also included racial slurrs and where he referred to the u-s as the divided states of america- but ended with this. quote: "an this day i go to kill myself in jail in honor of the most racially targeted group of humans = white police officers." adding "it is the man who i willing to die who wins the fight. so...to death i go!" again, craig was taken into custody. no injuries were reported. this isn't the first time craig's had a run in with the law ... in 2013, craig was arrested for allegedly threatening catholic and mormon churches in utah. in new jersey