el paso than the national average. three times! the disesase attacks the central nervous system and can be genetic or caused by the environment. there is no cure. tonight we take you to utep where research is underway to help those living with m.s. it's a story you'll see only on abc-7. pkg tucked away in the corner of the durham center at utep is the stanley e. fulton biomechanics and motor behavior laboratory. and this is where dr. feng yang, staff and voluteers are finding ways to improve the quality of life of people --especially those with multiple sclerosis or m.s.-- by reducing falls. 4:46 ms can affect a person in many perspectives, it reduces mobility, reduce their balance, their cognitive, we are thinking if we can do something to reduce those symptoms or delay progression of disease would be beneficial. jean acosta suffered two strokes and a heart attack eight years ago when she was 49 years old. she is part of the study... ...but she's also getting treatment to improve her quality of life with the help of this machine that stimulates the body by forcing fast movements. sot 3:55 we have seen muscle strength, in the body balance, mobility and flexibility, even a sensation level. all those things are connected to falls. dr. feng yang also tests healthy people for his study. i underwent several physical and cognitive tests. the process takes a couple of hours. utep students are also recruited for the study. the researchers stratecally place dots throughout the body to plot how the body reacts in motion. here, they want to know how she reacts to an obstacle as she's walking. dr. yang hopes his findings will help alleviate some of the financial, physical and emotional stress caused by these debilitating diseases. 4;58 we are thinking that if we can do something to reduce those symptoms or just delay the progression of the disease we can make a huge difference to family members and to our community and society here." dr. yang tells me el paso is a cluster area for m.s. researchers are trying to find out why. dr. yang suspects it has something to do with the pollution levels in the borderland. there are expensive medications to control the symptoms which include blurred vision, muscle weakness, fatigue and numbness. dr feng is always looking for test subjects biomechanics lab, if you're interested or want to learn more about m-s, just click on this story at kvia-dot-com.