"it's empowering, it's kind o an amazing feeling to know that we are going to be that change in episd to make this difference and we are making a difference right now." the "change" bowie math teache celeste cano is referring to is 'new tech.' it's project- based learning, where instead of lecturing, teachers help kids work on projects together to learn in the classroom. it's already at irvin -- and franklin. sot:"they can b creating prosthetic legs for dogs they can be creating a football stadium if they want to. we want them to know that whatever they are doing there's endless possibilities and that we want them to dream big because no dream is too big" new tech is now expanding to middle schools. before school began, the district's new tech teachers got together. the ones from the established programs at irvin and franklin high school-- traing those new to 'new tech' this year. .3.13 3.16 sometimes we talk about exposing kids to college in their junior year. it's too late. we should be exposing kids -- some people will say in 9th grade. we believe it should be 6th grade. 1st grade. it's just about exposing children to what the world is going to look like early on. 3.33 this year, irvin and franklin feeder schools brown and canyon hills opened. also open: bowie and austin. two more middle schools that feed into austin and bowie will offer the program in 2017. changing education, one child at a time. as a district, we really want to grow the whole child -- it's not about the numbers, but it's about the student, and who they are. / this shot is from the camera on top of