cornerback brandon jackson was killed in a car crash hours after helping army beat rice last saturday. abc-7's darren hunt learned the army team chose to play this saturday's game against utep in his honor. "he was a great cadet, he was a good student, he was a good football player and he represented this program in a way i want all of our guys to represent this program." army coach jeff monken was understandably somber at his weekly news conference. "i hope the way we honor hi most is by the way we play and the way we conduct ourselves in everything that we do." "there was some question at one point whether army would still take the field here at the sun bowl this weekend after death ... but army cadets of course are trained to deal with tragedy." "we were engineered t experience all of life's emotions and playing football and getting back to getting back on the field allows us to experience those emotions and we should, we should live." "i can't even imagine being a father myself, what his family is going through, and being a coach what his coaches and teammates are going through." "i can't even come close to speak to how army is going to deal with that ... i know they will rally around that guy and play their hearts out ... in a situation like that that's all you can do ... but, you know, i can't even fathom that happening to a son or a teammate or a coach ... you know, it's too soon." "when you lose somebody that yo love, it's tough ... and this is no exception where our guys are having a tough time and reeling right now." monke said jackson would want his teammates to play utep. "we're going to go honor him by living our lives the best that we can and doing it a way he'd be proud ... " darre hunt ... "because he'd want us to do that." abc-7. there will be a moment of silence before saturday's army-utep game at the sun bowl to honor brandon jackson. kickoff is scheduled for 5 p-m.