their school. new tonight we hear from one of those students. good evening, i'm rick cabrera. and i'm estela cas. the student was inside the school when the chaos unfolded. police say a 14 year-old girl opened fire on a classmate and then shot and killed herself inside a school bathroom. it happened just before nine o'clock this morning at alpine high school. alpine is about 220 miles southeast of el paso. a small town with a population of roughly 59-hundred people. abc-7 reporter evan folan and photographer jerry najera traveled to alpine today... they begin our complete coverage: "normal at day then the teacher rushed into the classroom and said lockdown and we heard on the announcements it wasn't a teacher rushed into the classroom and said lockdown and we heard on the announcements it wasn't a drill" tape blocks off portions of alpine qhigh school after a school shooting turned deadly. "we went into the back room and we stayed in there for about 30 minutes. we heard the shots and cam out. " what students saw wa graphic- "w came right back out and we went through the halls there was a bunch of blood" kids were told to leave the school in a single file line "they were bringing the kids out i guess by classroom by classroom so they all had them in line coming out quick and the brought them to the opposite side of the high school" every student was told to put their hands up "the kids were shaken up th were crying the were really upset and parents were picking up the kids officials say the shooter - a 14-yo first year student - new to alpine. having only lived there for about 6 months "it' really hard to wrap your head around a child thay young doing something like this." the shoote fired at another girl injuring her before turning the gun on herself... " just... was in shock that out of all places it had to happen at our school." students, communit members and the sheriff all in disbelief. "sheriff: we were shocked about it it doesn't happen here we train for it but you don't think it is coming to alpine texas this needs to be a lesson it'll go to any town" on cam tag im told the shooter's family is cooperative with investigators as they continue to search for a motive. in alpine, edf abc7 the victim in the shooting is recovering. her injuries are not life threatening. the alpine school district canceled all classes at its three schools. the brewster county sheriff also told us a u.s. homeland security officer responding to the shooting was wounded after being shot in the leg when a u.s. marshal accidentally discharged his weapon. and... and less than two miles down the road in alpine - another school was placed on lockdown for a different reason. "some idiot started calling i bomb threats to different places and it sent this thing into a term oil." one of those calls threatened sul russ state university. the school immediately went on lockdown - the university's facebook page asking students to leave campus - while investigators worked the scene. "we had to bring in extra hel because we didn't have it - they came as far as el paso midland odessa our neighboring county sent people over to assist us. we didn't have the man power to cover everything that was needed. after hours of searching and clearing university buildings - no bomb was found. the school reopened around 8 p-m central time. a text message alert sent to all students said classes are scheduled to resume tomorrow.