explains in abc-7 listens. there is not much i enjoy more than a good natured and spirited debate. this one started with an email from lalo about the lower valley. "yo claim your news is precise and accurate, then why don't your reporters know where the lower valley is? "socorro, clint, san elizario fabens, tornillo, fort hancock is not the lower valley. "hav some respect, all other news agencies know. what is your problem?" our genera manager kevin lovell didn't waste any time responding. "socorro, clint, san elizario fabens, tornillo and fort hancock have always been considered and referred to as the lower valley by many more people than abc-7. "the lower valley generally is thought to start around the refinery and riverside high school area and extends down the river and north to the freeway all the way to tornillo. "thank for your thoughts but your opinion is not held by many people." so, based on kevin's view ... this is the lower valley right here. but lalo wasn't giving up. "you are 100% wrong. the lower valley is from delta and trowbridge and it is stretches south of i-10 to ysleta and stops by del valle high school area. "its been like that since 1930's where all the cotton fields and milk dairys where established. "know your history. besides how would you know you're not from here?" so, here is lalo's view of the lower valley. and again, kevin was quick with a response. "you are the only person i've ever heard profess your opinion on the lower valley boundaries. "whether someone is from here o not has nothing to do with knowledge base or forming a professional opinion. "i think being her since 1980 and being immersed in following and reporting local news pretty much qualifies me as a local expert." a clea stalemate. so, i reached out to county commissioner vince perez ... who represents the lower valley ... and was born and raised here ... to settle things. commissioner perez told me ... "the 7991 zip code which includes bel air is also considered part of the lower valley. "the lower valley not only includes the mission trail