was one recent story a viewer doesn't think warranted coverage. rick cabrera is sharing his comments in abc-7 listens. it's campaign season ... which means you'll see plenty of campaign signs throughout the city. recently we reported on some campaign signs for el paso county sheriff richard wiles being taken. our story included surveillance video from outside l-and- j's cafe showing the signs being removed. norman saw our report and called it a "waste of time. "you guys really need to get it together. imagine gma, or the abc evening news broadcasting something so un-news worthy, you would flip the channel. "don' compromise your investigative integrity with such a petty, un-news worthy, political, unimportant, insignificant time wasting story. "you ca surely do much better than this." we certainly didn't promote it as an investigative story and nobody here felt it was the day's biggest news story. however, personally i found the story very interesting and insightful for a couple of reasons. these weren't young kids pulling off a prank or just killing time by ripping down signs. the surveillance video showed grown adults clearly breaking the law. which brings me to my second point ... it's against the law. someone caught taking down or damaging campaign signs could be charged with criminal mischief or theft ... and could result in a fine of 2- thousand dollars and 180 days in jail. so, again -- it wasn't breaking news nor was it our lead story ... but we did believe it was worthy of a spot in our newscast. rick cabrera. abc-7 listens. to view the surveillance pictures again and read the response of wiles' opponent tom bucchino ... go to k-v-i-a dot com and search "sherif wiles."