have certainly been plenty of storms to track for our stormtrackers. but who are these stormtrackers? here's rick cabrera with abc-7 listens. weather coverage is a huge priority here at abc-7. our goal is to make sure you aren't caught off guard by changes in the weather and you and your family aren't at risk when the weather gets severe. and that's why we have carefully crafted our stormtrack weather team. from williams ... "wha qualifies a stormtracker to do weather? "what degree does a meteorologist have?" williams those are good questions and to make sure you get the right answers ... i'm going to let chief meteorologist doppler dave speelman handle this one. he writes ... "a stormtracker is someone we hire to do weather - or weather/news reporting. "he or she is not a certified meteorologist but ... this person has prior experience on the air either reporting or anchoring. "generally our stormtrackers are pursuing a degree/certification in meteorology or have a great interest in learning about weather, working alongside a meteorologist." and currently we have two meteorologists employed at abc-7 ... doppler dave and stephen decatur ... to go along with three stormtrackers ... nichole gomez, iris lopez and dan martinez. rick cabrera. abc-7 listens. east to southeast winds will continue to