March 8th Road Closures


March 12 3am-March 13 6am

I-10 East will close at Redd Road. 

Mesa will be closed at the intersection in both directions.

 Overnight closures


Paisano Eastbound will close between Sunland Park and Crockett.

Rolling closure east and west between Asarco and Sunland Park.

The Resler ramp and the Sunland Park Ramp will be closed to I-10 East.
I-10 will reduce to one lane in both directions from Resler to Thorn.
I-10 West and the Executive exit ramp will close. 
March 7th-8th
Joe Battle Closures:
A right lane closure S on Joe Battle Blvd from Lyman Dotton to Monwood.
A right lane closure on W Montwood from Joe battle Blvd. to Firehouse. 
A right lane closure on E Montwood from Firehouse to Joe Battle. 
A right lane closure on S N Zaragoza from Montwood.
A right lane closuer on N Zaragaoza from Montwood to Montwood. 
Eastbound and Westbound from St Vrain St. to Eucalyptus St. 03/14)
Overnight El Paso Street Car closures (six weeks):

9 pm-5 am

I-10 East and west left lane closures to be expected for the next six weeks in both directions of the highway downtown. 

Day Time Closures:


I-10 Reduces to two lanes in both directions at Buena Vista

I-10 Westbound left lane closure between Lomaland entrance ramp and Yarbrouh exit ramp

Right lane closure on I-10 Eastbound between Viscount Boulevard and McRae Boulevard. 

I-10 West Resler ramp closed 

I-10 West Sunland Park exit ramp reduced to one lane. 

I-10 East and West right lane closure from Cotton to Copia.

Franklin Avenue reduced to one lane East from Oregon to Kansas. 

Mesa reduced to one lane at Franklin ave. 

Northbound Ramp W (BOTA to US 54 North/I-10 East) will be closed

Right lane closure I-10 East Executive center to Schuster Exit.

Westbound Hawkins exit ramp will be closed

7 am - 4 pm 

Right shoulder I-10 west and east Chelsea to Copia.

9 am - 4 pm

Two lane Sunland Park exit will be reduced to one lane on I-10 East. 

Mesa:long term closure

Jan 18th 6 am - Feb 24 4 pm

The two right lanes on Mesa will be closed between Osborne and South Desert Boulevard in the direction of Remcon

El Paso Street car closures: Long term closures

Paisano Drive closed to traffic between Chihuahua street and El Paso.

Pasiano Drive closed to traffic between Stanton Street and Campbell Street.

Santa Fe Street closed to traffic between Father Rahm Avenue and Overland Avenue.

Stanton St to be closed to general traffic, having just one neighborhood lane due to streetcar project. 

Scenic Drive Long Term Closure:

Scenic Drive will be closed from Louisville to Kentucky.

Horizon City:


Horizon North and South right lane closure between Darrington Road and Ascension 

Horizon North and South left lane closure between Darrington Road and Ascension

long term closure

From January 18th - July 31st

8 pm - 5 am

West Eastlake Blvd from Darrington Rd. to Horizon Mesa. 

Southbound Horizon Mesa from Eastlake Blvd to Desert Daisy

 Advanced notice:


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