Traffic out the November 10th road closures

EL PASO, Texas - I-10 West closed at Executive 

I-10 East closed at Copia

Loop 375  West from Zaragoza to San Marcial

Paisano closed from Supr 1966 to San Antonio 

Lane closures on Eastbound Horizon blvd at Eastlake

27 hour closure of I-10 East at Mesa on Sunday November 12th

Day Time Closures:

El Paso Street car closures: Long term closures

Paisano Drive closed to traffic between Chihuahua street and El Paso.

Pasiano Drive closed to traffic between Stanton Street and Campbell Street.

Santa Fe Street closed to traffic between Father Rahm Avenue and Overland Avenue.

Stanton St to be closed to general traffic, having just one neighborhood lane due to streetcar project.