UTEP Adams earned bonuses

Keitha Adams got certain incentives with her WNIT Run

El Paso, TEXAS - ABC-7 submitted an open records request to see UTEP Women's basketball coach Keitha Adams contract. After looking it over, it turns out Keitha Adams hit certain bonuses in her most recent contract which she signed in 2012.

Adams base salary is $200 thousand dollars a year. That comes out to $16,667 a month.

For reaching the WNIT, Adams earned a bonus of one month's salary ($16,667). Adams also earned an extra $2,500 per win in the tournament. UTEP won five games banking Adams another $12,500.

After the WNIT tournament concluded, Adams earned a total of $29,167 in bonuses.

Coach Adams can potentially earn another month's salary as a bonus if her team scores a 930 or above on their 2013-2014 Annual Academic Progress Report.

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