USC Mis-Tweets...Again

USC Mis-Tweets...Again

EL PASO, Texas - Just a few weeks ago, University of Southern California linebacker Tony Burnett posted some negative tweets about El Paso. USC coach Lane Kiffin apologized for those tweets and hoped everyone could move on. Wednesday night, on the day USC arrived in El Paso, another USC Trojan tweeted something that has player and coach apologizing again.

Wednesday night on Twitter, USC Freshman defensive lineman Leonard Williams tweeted, "Here in El Paso, crappy city, but glad I can enjoy this moment with the USC family."

This came shortly after USC was an hour late to the Sun Bowl welcome dinner. "I don't know what happen but we came and left," Georgia Tech linebacker Quayshawn Neal said.  "Our coach told us to leave and as a team we did, I don't know what else went down or whatever."

USC coach Lane Kiffin apologized to the media at the conclusion of the team's practice.

Meanwhile, Georgia Tech players have embraced the city, community, and their time in the Sun City.

"I went to the mall yesterday and a lot of El Paso people said they were rooting for us," Georgia Tech backup quarterback Vad Lee said. "They told me they want us to beat USC."

"You have to be careful when you get in to peoples' rights," Kiffin said. "You can disagree with what people say, but I don't think you punish people for what you put on their social media."

But don't think being no-showed sits well with them.

"I'm not really suppose to talk about it much," Lee said. "We're excited about the game though and looking forward to the challenge."

USC was considered to be the local favorite at the game Monday, but after this latest sting it seems support may be flying Georgia Tech's way.

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