Sweet Play of the Week winner: Ozzy Araiza of Ysleta

Ysleta wins Sweet Play of the Week

This week's winner of the Sweet Play of the Week sponsored by Southwest University is Ozzy Araiza of Ysleta High School. 

Ozzy's long touchdown run against Hanks was voted the top play of the previous week by fans. (Click the video above to watch the play). 

Araiza took a hand-off last Friday and found a seam, bursting his way through.  He managed to shake-off a defender who got two hands on him and turn on the jets to get his team six points. 

Hanks found a way to hold on for a 33-28 victory, but Ysleta won over the fans with Ozzy's touchdown run. 

The Indians will next play Del Valle on Friday in a key rivalry game and district matchup that could have playoff implications going forward. 

When asked about his speed, Ozzy said he's not the only member of his team with the ability to run away from defenders. 

"I don't know.  I mean, growing up around here, everyone's got wheels, you know?" he said. 

Araiza also said he wouldn't be the player he is this season without the help of his offseason trainer. 

"I just want to give a big shout out to my trainer.  His name is Enrique Rodriguez.  He really helped me throughout the summer and got me to where I need to be," said Araiza. 

Don't forget to catch highlights of the Ysleta game at Del Valle this Friday at 10:35 p.m. on the Borderland Blitz. 


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