Steven Montez is El Paso's Next Big Recruit

El Paso, TEXAS- - As the school year starts to wind down and Del Valle's spring football schedule inches closer and closer to summer, QB Steven Montez's senior year and hectic recruiting calendar is already kicking off.

"It's gone by really quick," Montez says. "They told me that my freshman year and I was like ya ya ya because you're a senior and it goes by quick, and now that I am coming up on being a senior it does come up really fast."

Montez is 6'5, 200 pounds.

He's the leader of a conquistadores team that has won back to back district titles, and is El Paso's next big football recruit.

"He's the complete package as a quarterback," Del Valle head football coach Jesse Perales explains. "He can run, he can throw, he can make great decisions, and he's also mentally tough."

Last year Montez threw for 1800 yards and ran for another 450.

The signal caller totaled 36 touchdowns his junior year, but the senior to be is content with just duplicating those numbers.

So where will Montez go play after his career at Del Valle comes to an end?

Montez is expected to be the biggest recruit out of El paso since the names of Andre Jones of Andress and MJ McFarland signed with Texas, and former Burges Mustang Aaron Jones signed with UTEP.

When asked on the spot about being the savior of a Borderland college football team like UTEP or NMSU, Montez chuckled but then gave an honest answer.

"I really have no idea yet, or where I'm going," Montez said. "I really don't know where I'm going to be, but I do know we have a season coming up and so now is the time to get better and worry about it next year around signing day."

Montez's father Alfred has raised Steven and his siblings as a single dad for three years. He has committed father son time to quarterback and coach time. At Del Valle Alfred is the quarterbacks coach where he has the best seat in the house to watch his son play on game day.

"It's been fun to watch him grow and mature a little bit," Montez's father Alfred said. "I get to watch him, and the things I want him to do, he does it and when I tell him about a play he knows it and we're thinking the same thing."

Montez is being recruited from all parts of the country. The idea of starring in his hometown is appealing, but so is the chance to put El Paso on the map in a BCS conference.

Steven's senior year hasn't officially haven't even started yet, but the where will Steve Montez end up, and how far can he take Del Valle discussion already has.

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