NMSU QB issues: One QB arrested while another leaves the program

NMSU QB arrested on misdemeanor battery charge

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - NMSU quarterback Tyler Rogers turned himself in Friday on a misdemeanor battery charge after he allegedly tried to pull his girlfriend out of a car, according to police.

Meanwhile, another Aggie quarterback has decided to leave the program entirely.  Tyler Matthews, who transferred to NMSU from Southern Miss in the offseason, simply didn't want to play any longer, according to head coach Doug Martin.

Quarterbacks Nick Jeanty and Conner Cramer remain on the roster for the Aggies.  No punishment has been announced for Rogers as coach Martin says he is letting the legal process run its course. 

Rogers was released after posting a $2500 bond.

Here are the details of the alleged battery incident involving Rogers: 

Police responded to a domestic disturbance call at 1:08 a.m. on August 14 involving a crying female.  The alleged victim, identified as the girlfriend of Rogers, said that they arrived in a car at her apartment complex after a party and had a verbal altercation. 

At one point, Rogers allegedly tried to pull her out of the car by her upper left arm.

According to court documents, Rogers left the scene before police arrived.

Police say that the alleged victim declined to complete a domestic violence supplement report as she did not consider Rogers grabbing her arm to be a "physical altercation."

Police reports indicate that the officers on scene took photographs but did not observe any visible injuries to her arm.

Rogers would then turn himself in to the Las Cruces Police Department on Friday, August 19.  He was booked and then released on bond later that day.

No court date has been set at this time. 

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