NMSU head coach Doug Martin nearing a contract extension

Doug Martin nearing a contract extension

Las Cruces, NM - Following an impressive 41-14 win over rival UTEP, the NMSU Aggies are finalizing negotiations to extend head coach Doug Martin's contract.

A source with the university tells ABC-7 both sides have agreed to the terms of the contract, the only thing left is for both sides to sign it.

The details of the contract were not released and the source tells ABC-7 it should be finalized in a couple of weeks.

Martin is in his 5th season as NMSU's head coach and is in the final year of his current contract.

The Aggies are off to a 2-2 start on the season with wins over rivals New Mexico and UTEP.

The two losses to Arizona State and Troy University were games that were well within reach for the Aggies.

Without question Martin has turned the program around and he's committed to seeing his vision come to fruition.

After Saturday's win over UTEP, Martin said "My message to the team and the fans is, don't settle for the crumbs under the table. We don't want to be just the best team in a season we want to be the best program, which is sustained over time."

The move to get a contract extension signed now was imperative for NMSU.

Recruiting for the Aggies has been tough this season with some recruits backing out of visits because of the uncertainty involving coach Martin.

With a contract extension now said to be in place, NMSU can move forward and look toward the future.

The Aggies have a tough road test to prepare for next Saturday when they visit the Arkansas Razorbacks out of the SEC.





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