NMSU football player gives winning gloves to young fan

NMSU player gives fan game winning...

LAS CRUCES, N.M. - After witnessing the Aggies' incredible win against the Miners on Saturday, a family of die-hard NMSU fans went home with a souvenir they will never forget.

NMSU wide receiver Isaiah McIntyre gave his gloves to a three-year-old fan named Grayson Vigil.

"I asked, 'Are you sure? Those are your game gloves,'" said Jill Johnson Vigil, the toddler's mother.

She is a graduate of '95 who described the game in which the Aggies defeated UTEP as "electric."

"Watching them do so well, it was really fantastic," the mother said, especially given their win against UNM in the same season.

Johnson Vigil said her family hoped to rush the field after the game ended Saturday.

"I bet if the Aggies win, fans are going to run down on the field," the mother remembered saying to her husband.

Her three-year-old son, Grayson, loves football, so he was enjoying himself on the field. She approached a group of players to ask if they would take a photo with her son.

She said McIntyre gladly scooped up Grayson and took a photo for the camera. What he did next shocked her.

"He just takes off his gloves and kneels down and give them to Grayson," the mother said.

She says now, Grayson puts on the gloves first thing every morning.

"He wore them all the way home, all day Sunday," Johnson Vigil said. "We had to convince him to take them off to take them to the grocery store."

The mother said that she wants McIntyre to have all the positive attention, because the player took the time after a big game to make her son's night.

"We just wanted the powers that be to recognize that there are really good players with big hearts," Johnson Vigil said.

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