NMSU Coach Talks Las Cruces - Mayfield

Doug Martin gives props to Las Cruces' biggest game

Asher Wildman, Sports Director
POSTED: 10:52 PM MST Nov 05, 2013 
El Paso, TEXAS -

When it comes to rivalries and history in football, NMSU coach Doug Martin takes pride in knowing all he can. Ever since he has stepped on to the NMSU campus he has studied Aggies history and traditions.

Now, as a member of the community he's becoming a student of Las Cruces' biggest and oldest high school rivalry, "Las Cruces- Mayfield." The NMSU head football coach is also excited for the fact the area's biggest game is held on his football field.

"The Las Cruces- Mayfield game being played here (Aggie Memorial, I think is a great venue," Doug Martin explained. "High School football in this town is really important, the state champion comes out of this town just about every year it seems, and the high school coaching here is really phenomenal."

Las Cruces-Mayfield will be the Borderland Blitz game of the week, and they will have in-depth coverage of the game as well as the week.