Moccia: NMSU not looking for a 'splashy' hire to replace Weir

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico - With Paul Weir taking a new head coaching job with the University of New Mexico, it is time for NMSU to look elsewhere to fill the vacancy.

NMSU Athletic Director Mario Moccia held a press conference Wednesday to address the ongoing search. While Weir was a "splashy" hire that attracted a lot of attention, that is not necessarily the goal this time around.

"I want to make a right hire for this place," Moccia said. Paul was a pretty big splash in the tournament along with 28 wins. But just hiring for a name to get everyone riled up, it's always nice, but that's not in our forefront of our thinking."

UNM was adamant about not paying Weir's $500,000 buyout and said it is upon NMSU and Weir to work that out between the two.

But Moccia couldn't elaborate on that current situation.

"The contract is with Paul Weir and the university and general counsel will be pursuing that," Moccia said.

But when ABC-7 asked if this hire was a surprise, Moccia said it wasn't out of the question something like this could happen.

"When you play well against Baylor in the NCAA tournament, beat ASU by 15 on their home floor, own a 20 game winning streak during the season, It was all enough to get people's attention," Moccia said.

NMSU would not say if there were any top coaching candidates at this point in time.

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