Mike Price making $20,000 per month as UTEP interim football coach

Mike Prices pay at UTEP

Documents show UTEP interim head football coach Mike Price is making $20,000 per month for a two-month period to run the program for a grand total of $40,000.  

The documents show Price is being paid for a two-month period that began on Oct. 2 and will end on Nov. 30.

It is unclear if he will coach beyond that period.  

According to a report by USA Today issued prior to the 2017 season, that per-month salary would make Price the lowest-paid coach in the FBS among schools that are required to report salaries.  In fact, according to that survey, no FBS coach, at the beginning of the season, was making less than $30,000 per month.  

It is also less than half the monthly salary of former football coach Sean Kugler, who was making $515,332 per year ($42,944.33/month), according to the USA Today report.  That total included bonuses paid. 


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