Live Game Blog: NMSU and Utah State meet in Arizona Bowl


New Mexico State's possession:  Larry Rose III runs it in from 21 yards out to give the Aggies a 26-20 victory!

Utah State's possession:  Ends in missed field goal!

Fourth quarter:

0:00 - We are going to overtime tied at 20!

5:09 - NMSU forces a punt and will take over at their own 22 with the game tied at 20. 

6:31 - Touchdown NMSU!  Rogers hits Jaleel Scott from 11 yards out.  Scott was initially ruled out-of-bounds, but after further review it was ruled a touchdown.  Game is now tied at 20. 

6:46 - NMSU converts on a fourth down and six on a pass from Rogers to Boone to keep their drive alive.  First and ten from the Utah State 11 now. 

8:21 - NMSU has marched it to the Utah State 25.  First and ten for NM State as they look to tie the game with a touchdown.  

10:18 - Utah State misses a 48-yard field goal.  That is big for NMSU.  The way their offense has looked so far, a ten-point deficit would have perhaps been too much to overcome.  Still 20-13 Utah State. 

12:19 - New Mexico State can't generate any offense again and punts it away.  That is punt number nine on the evening for NMSU.  They still trail 20-13. 

13:28 - Well, so much for NMSU maybe winning 20-13.  Utah State has just taken a 20-13 lead after a one-yard rushing score from LaJuan Hunt. 

14:22 - NMSU will be forced to punt again with the game tied at 13.  Interesting fact:  The last time NMSU played in a bowl game was in 1960 in the Sun Bowl.  That game was against Utah State.  The score in that game?  20-13 NMSU.  That same scoreline is still possible. 

Third quarter: 

00:00 - Third quarter ends with the game still tied at 13 and neither team having recorded an offensive touchdown.  

00:31 - Utah State is forced to punt again.  They down the ball at the NMSU four-yard line.  

4:11 - NMSU continues to struggle to generate offense.  They'll punt again from deep in their own territory. Still tied 13-13.  Tyler Rogers still only has 98 yards passing.  This is a quarterback who threw for more than 300 yards in eight different games this season.  

8:12 - Huge play for NMSU!  Utah State had first and goal from the NMSU one-yard line, but Terrill Hanks forces a fumble on an option and recovers!  

9:05 - NMSU's next drive ends with an interception - the second Tyler Rogers has thrown tonight.  Utah State returns the ball to the NMSU 42. 

10:41 - Utah State misses another field goal to keep this game knotted at 13.  This one from 49 yards out. 

12:24 - Teams trade punts to start the second half.  Neither team has been able to get going since they each scored on a kickoff return in the first quarter. Game remains tied at 13.  Utah State takes over at their own 44. 

12:24 - Attendance just announced at 39,132 fans for the game, which is the most in the three-year history of the Arizona Bowl.  

15:00 - Utah State will receive the kick to begin the second half.  

Second quarter: 

0:00 - Utah State ties the game with a field goal as time expires.  The teams enter the locker room tied at 13. 

00:36 - Larry Rose III appeared to be on his way to another big run but fumbled the ball near midfield.  Utah State would recover and advance it to the NMSU 32.   Another chance for Utah State to tie the game or take the lead. 

2:40 - Another punt for NMSU.  Their offense has stalled as of late. 

4:28 - Utah State attempts to tie the game on a field goal from 44 yards out, but it's no good.  NMSU maintains its 13-10 lead.  

8:14 - Both defenses have come to play so far.  NMSU forces Utah State to punt.  Neither defense has given up a touchdown yet.  Both touchdowns so far came on kick returns in the first quarter.  Still 13-10 NMSU. 

11:35 - NMSU answers with a field goal of their own to take a 13-10 lead.  The key play in that drive was a 40-yard run from Larry Rose III.  

14:55 - Utah State tacks on three on a field goal to tie the game at 10 a piece. NMSU will be happy they held Utah State to a field goal.  But at the same time they have to be thinking they could be up 17-7 now if not for that last interception. 

First quarter: 

0:00 - The first quarter comes to an end with Utah State driving.  They've marched all the way to the NMSU 18 and will likely settle for a field goal on fourth down.  Not a bad start though for NM State in their first bowl game in 57 years. 

3:44 - Tough break for NMSU.  They had a nice drive going until Tyler Rogers was picked off by David Woodward.  NMSU was in field goal range at the 31, but squander a chance at points.  They still lead 10-7 though. 

8:17 - Injuries have slowed this game down a bit compared to the blistering start.  Utah State LB Chase Christiansen is the latest to be helped off the field. 

10:47 - What a start!  Jason Huntley of NMSU takes the very next kickoff back for a 100-yard score...NMSU leads 10-7.  That breaks the Arizona Bowl record for longest kick return TD that Scarver just set a few seconds before.  Records were made to be broken, right? 

11:01 - Hold everything!  Savon Scarver of Utah State takes the kickoff back 96 yards to give Utah State a 7-3 lead. 

11:15 - NMSU strikes first with a field goal to take a 3-0 lead.  Not a bad start for NM State.  They were aided by a personal foul penalty when a defender hit quarterback Tyler Rogers as he tried to slide.  

15:00 - We are underway!  NMSU will receive the opening kick. 

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