Govenor Charlie Wins Sunland Derby

The Winner of yesterday's Sunland Derby started the week out as a sleeper with opening odds of 6 to 1, but when word got out he was trained by legendary trainers bob baffert he went from sleeper to favorite at 6-5.

"He's getting better and that's what you want with a horse headed to the Kentucky Derby," Govenor Charlie owner Michael Pegram said. "He does everything we asked of him, and he passed the test to make it to the Derby."

Govenor Charlie set a new derby record running in a time of 1:47.54 and as the winning jockey who rode Govenor Charlie Martin Garcia says he's a very special horse.

"I think he's a very special horse because look at what he did going the distance," Garcia says. "He beat three good horses, and is a really special horse."

Owner Michael Pegram collected his biggest payday with the Govenor a check for 400 thousand dollars on only the horses second career win.

"If this horse is good enough to get through Sunland, then I'm glad he's good enough to get to Kentucky," Pegram said.

Look out Church Hill Downs, the Sunland Derby champ Govenor Charlie is coming to town with his blazing speed and one of the top trainers in the business.

At the Kentucky Derby, thousands will place their bets but the question is will Govenor Charlie have your vote of confidence?

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