Four Locals Headed to UTEP

UTEP is trying to own El Paso Recruiting

UTEP Keeps it Local

El Paso, TEXAS - Only four players from El Paso are headed to play division one football, and all are headed to UTEP.

They're looking for me to be the future of UTEP, "Andress quarterback Ryan Metz said.  "They want me to develop."

First year coach Sean Kugler is doing one thing well, and that is putting a wall up, preventing other schools from swooping in and taking El Paso's best.

"Ultimately we want to focus our initial efforts in El Paso," UTEP coach Sean Kugler said. "We really feel we targeted the top four kids in El Paso, and we feel we got them and we want to do that year in year out."

Andress QB Ryan Metz, Franklin offensive lineman Derek Elmendorff, and the Jones brothers Aaron and Alvin from Burgess will try to put a footprint down for El Paso area football players and try to take the Miners to the next level.

"I've wanted this since I was a little kid," Franklin High offensive lineman Derek Elmendorff said. "This has been one of my dreams growing up, and I'm really happy."

El Paso area players don't get a lot of national attention, but coach Kugler knows talent when he sees it, and he's ready to showcase some of the local talent on a national level. When there time comes, will just have to wait and see.

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