Former UTEP football player will get Super Bowl ring after Eagles win

Dorenbos to receive ring

EL PASO, Texas - The NFL career of former UTEP and Philadelphia Eagles football player, Jon Dorenbos, ended this season after he had to undergo emergency heart surgery.

Dorenbos' surgery came after a routine physical before his trade to the New Orleans Saints was finalized before the NFL season. Ironically, the trade likely saved his life.

Dorenbos was with the Eagles for 11 years, including the 2017 training camp in the offseason, before he was traded to New Orleans before the 2017-18 NFL season started.  A heart defect was discovered in the routine physical players undergo when traded to another team.  He had lifesaving open-heart surgery, which ended his career.  

Dorenbos has dealt with a lot of turmoil in his life. 

When he was 12, his father murdered his mother and went to prison.  Dorenbos dealt with his grief by focusing on sports and magic.  In addition to his football exploits, he's a top flight illusionist.

Dorenbos went undrafted after being UTEP's long snapper, but made his way to the NFL, where he had a 14-year career and made it to the Pro Bowl.  

In an act of kindness and solidarity, Eagles owner Jeff Lurie invited Dorenbos into their locker room to celebrate the team's victory over New England. The team also included Dorenbos on the list of players who will receive a Super Bowl ring.    

"Once an Eagle, always an Eagle," Dorenbos said on his Instagram account.


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