El Paso High turns broken play into Sweet Play of the Week winner

Sweet Play of the Week winner El...

Not every Sweet Play of the Week winning play starts off perfectly. 

That was the case with this week's winning play from El Paso High. 

The Tigers fumbled a snap last Thursday against Andress on what was supposed to be a jet sweep. 

So, David Gonzalez improvised.  He picked up the ball off the turf and ran right looking for a way out.  But the Eagles were closing in on him fast.  It initially appeared as if he would be stopped for a loss or no gain. 

So what did he do?  He simply tossed the ball down the field to a wide open Alex Davila, whom the defense had lost amidst the chaos on the snap.  Davila then outran defenders on his way to the end zone.  (Click the video above to see the full play). 

While it didn't look pretty at the beginning, Davila said he was confident it would work out. 

"Oh yeah, I knew it was gonna be a touchdown," he joked. 

Meanwhile, Gonzalez said his coach had mixed reactions to the play. 

"I guess during the play I just heard, 'No!'  Everyone was telling me to throw the ball.  I mean, I just heard 'No!' from the coach," Gonzalez said.  "And then I came back and coach told me it was a great play but to never do that again."

El Paso High next plays Chapin at home on Friday. 

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