El Paso, Chihuahuas' mascot featured in new Russell Athletics commercial

EL PASO, Texas - Russell Athletic is promoting its new FreshForce underwear by documenting Chico's suffering during El Paso's extreme summer heat.

"You ever seen a scorpion burst into a flames," asks an old timer at the beginning of the Facebook commercial.

"El Paso" appears on the screen and the old timer goes on to tell the viewer "you don't know nothing until you spend a summer in West Texas."

According to the commercial, one suffers more from the extreme heat than Chico. "We're talking about 75 pounds of fur. It's 103 degrees in El Paso today, probably 112 out on that playing field. I'd say it's probably 150 degrees in Chico's underpants," the narrator says.

The commercial goes on to show how Chico tries to stay cool, including pouring ice on his underpants and going to a local car wash to get a cool shower.

It's not until Chico gets a new pair of Russell Athletic's FreshForce underwear that the mascot is able to stay cool and perform at a high level for the fans at Southwest University Park.

"Look at Chico. It's a whole new Chico."

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