El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame to induct two legendary wrestling coaches

Wrestling coaches to enter Hall of Fame

The El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame only inducts two coaches each year. 

It just so happens that the two coaches who will be inducted at the Hall of Fame ceremony on May 3rd share a special connection. 

Ben Avalos and Anthony Carter both attended Irvin High School and went on to lead different El Paso High schools to state titles. 

Avalos took Eastwood to the promised land, while Carter has led Hanks to four straight state titles in girls wrestling. 

"It's overwhelming because, one, I never thought I'd get into something like this," said Anthony Carter.  "And then two, to get inducted with Ben Avalos who's like top five on my hero list, it's a great honor."

Avalos eventually retired from Eastwood, but wrestling was still in his blood.  He later became an assistant under Coach Carter at Hanks in 2008.  

While assisting at Hanks, Avalos also taught camps for elementary-aged students.  Many of those young pupils would later matriculate to Hanks, giving the school an edge against other competition and helping to form the current dynasty.  

But for all their individual success, Avalos and Carter never made it about themselves, but about the wrestlers. 

"I think that's it.  It's about, you know, just being able to watch kids develop from being young and then getting exposed to the sport," said Avalos, who won a state title himself as a student at Irvin.  Then, [watching them] fall in love with the sport, kind of like we did when we were younger, and then just excel." 

The 2017 El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place at 6:15 p.m. on May 3 at Sunland Park. 

Tickets are available for $30 each.  To purchase a ticket or for questions related to tickets, you can call (915) 779 - 3495. will also stream the event live beginning at 6:15 p.m. 

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