Coronado wins Sweet Play of the Week with lateral for a TD

Coronado wins play of the week

Not everyone was expecting Coronado quarterback Angelo Donatelli to pitch the ball to Jose Herrera on an option well beyond the line of scrimmage, but Herrera was. 

That's what happens when you've played together for over a decade and how you become the winner of the Sweet Play of the Week, sponsored by Southwest University. 

"Playing with Angelo since we were six years old, he's always done some crazy stuff," said Herrera. 

In the first quarter of last Friday's game against Montwood, Coronado dialed up a run-pass option.  Donatelli kept the ball and had already gained about 13 yards when he unexpectedly (to everyone but the Thunderbirds) pitched it back to Jose Herrera.  Donatelli was cut down by a defender, but Herrera was able to take the ball and cruise into the end zone for a Thunderbirds touchdown. 

"Usually I have to go off my reads and my first read went off, so I pulled the ball," said Donatelli. "And going down the field, there was one defender and two of us.  So, once he decided who he was going to, I just made the play off that." 

You can click the video above to see the full play. 

Coronado is currently sitting in fourth place in District 1-6A, which is good enough to get them into the playoffs. 

But they've still got three more games to go, beginning with a test Friday at 4 p.m. at the SAC against El Dorado. 


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