Community Champions, Eastwood Swim Team

Eastwood Swim Team

Community Champions, Eastwood swimming

    For those that may not know, Eastwood High School is an aquatic dynasty.
     "The key to success is always keep up with the sport that you are in," Eastwood swim coach Steve Flato said. "Every year I'm looking for new stuff to do with the kids you have to challenge them and find new way to win."
     In 31 years under the direction of Steve Flato, the Troopers have won 31 district titles. The team is headed to Lubbock where he'll try to win regionals for a 14th time.
     "It's just about going out and doing the right thing," Eastwood senior swimmer Joe Brown said. "If we can head to state's with nine guys and four girls, then that would really be dominating."     
     The Troopers season is marching on, but to continue they'll have to swim their way to victory.

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