Community Champion: Tennis player Sebastian Herrera of Franklin

Community Champion: Sebastian Herrera

Franklin's Sebastian Herrera has a big task ahead of him at the state tennis tournament beginning on May 18th in College Station.

Herrera, a junior, is the only person from the El Paso area to qualify for the state tournament in any classification.

While that may be too much pressure for some, Herrera has always been up to any challenge.

"I'm just going over there to represent El Paso - not just this school, but El Paso as a whole," he said.

The Cougars tennis star will compete at the 6A level come tournament time, but he says he's not afraid of anything - even losing.
"Just work hard, man.  Even when you lose, everybody loses.  It's what you do afterwards.  It's how you take it.  So, don't be afraid to fail, because every time you fail, you're going to succeed afterwards," said Herrera.

For now, Herrera will keep working on his game each and every afternoon at Franklin, knowing he has to bring the best version of himself to College Station in three weeks.

"I feel like it's gonna be a different level," he said of the state tournament. "There's gonna be a lot of good players, a lot of good hitting, and I just can't wait to get there."

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