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YISD's new Nike jerseys and apparel meant to make players "look better, play better"

YISD's new Nike jerseys

EL PASO, Texas - The Friday night lights are on and many high school football teams will be taking the field in new uniforms.

The 2016 football season is the first-year of new apparel deals districts have struck with Nike and Under Armour.

Three El Paso ISD schools already have their new Under Armour jerseys as part of the district's new deal and all seven Ysleta ISD schools will be wearing Nike jerseys and apparel.

"We're very pleased to be partnered with a national brand, a world brand such as Nike," said Pat O'Neill, YISD assistant superintendent. "Kids, when they dress nice, they are in those fancy uniforms, they feel better, they play better."

EPISD has a new four-year deal with Under Armour, which includes 40 percent off uniforms and 35 percent off catalog items, like hats, t-shirts and other items with the school's branding.

YISD's new five-year deal with Nike has similar terms. Canutillo ISD has a similar new deal with Nike. Socorro ISD is currently researching a new apparel deal.

When asked why districts are signing apparel deals with companies like Nike and Under Armour, O'Neill said, "Good price and then its good for your reputation."

"On our social media page, we've already got a huge number of compliments and other schools that have noticed what we've done here and what our district has done," said Julio Lopez, the head coach at Eastwood. "A Nike deal like this hadn't been done before in El Paso, or really in West Texas, so its nice to be the first, its nice to be pioneers in that sense and wear all Nike and officially be branded by nike as a district."

Lopez said it's not only a boost for the district, but for parents as well. A pair of Nike cleats that cost 200 dollars retail, are available for 120 on "my team shop pages."

"I think parents and kids are the ones who definitely benefit the most from it," Lopez said.

"It's pretty cool in high school we're wearing the same stuff that Oregon wears," said Evan Aguilar, an Eastwood linebacker. "I like to think of it as: if you look good, you play good and right now we're going to be looking pretty good."

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