EL PASO, Texas -

It may not be the most pleasant type of therapy, but it's one that has been proven to work; cryotherapy.

Apex cryotherapy  uses nitrogen gas to reduce the temperature around your body to a -250 degrees Fahrenheit. Exposing the body to these freezing temperatures for only 2-3 minutes triggers a cellular response in the body that has significant health and recovery benefits.

Defending world boxing champion, Jennifer Han, said this process helps her with recovery while training for upcoming fights.

"It really helps with recovery time," Han said. "Because anything to take away the soreness to train hard and recover and build, it's worth it."

Matthew Lopez, co-owner of Apex Cryo, said the process shocks your body which in turn helps it recover at the same once the 3 minute session ends.

"When you get it in, it kinds of shocks the body and the body goes into survival mode and says hey we're freezing," Lopez said. "So all your blood rushes to your heart and organs for protection. When you get out, all that fresh blood pumps back into your heart full of O2 and creates an oxygenated blood flow that helps recover with injuries and soreness."

Able Han also took part in the unique therapy, hoping for an advantage in the ring as well.

"Injuries, fatigue, soreness, it's supposed to help recovery time," Han said. "So if we can get an added edge to practice stronger and longer, we'll do whatever it takes."

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