Aaron Jones meets with Packers fans in El Paso

Aaron Jones meets Packers fans

Green Bay might be more than 1,500 miles from El Paso, but there are still plenty of Packers fans in the Sun City. 

And there are even more now that the Packers have former UTEP star running back Aaron Jones on their roster. 

A local group of Packers fans called the Sun City Cheeseheads got a chance to spend time with Jones Tuesday evening at Brew Sports Pub East. 

Jones met with the group to sign autographs, take pictures, and chat about the team. 

"It's good to see a great following of the Packers here in El Paso," said Jones, who was selected by Green Bay in the fifth round of the NFL Draft.  "Since there's a big following...I know I'll have support." 

Jones, UTEP's all-time leading rusher, has been spending many of his spare moments this summer in his hometown.  He says he'll never forget where he came from and where he has the most fans. 

"The tradition continues.  They're following me everywhere I go, and I'm loving it," said Jones. "They've followed me all the way from high school, and now they're following me in the pros."

The Packers will begin training camp on July 27. 

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