EL PASO, Texas - Pebble Hills is playing its first season of varsity football - and so far, so good.

The Spartans traveled to Irvin last week for their first test and passed it with flying colors, leaving with a 34-6 victory.

But things get harder this week when the Spartans meet up with the Andress Eagles in the Borderland Blitz Game of the Week.

Pebble Hills currently does not have any seniors, but they aren't using that as an excuse as they head into a tough matchup with Andress.

"That is an excuse that everyone is giving us to use," said head coach Mark Torres.  "We're just not gonna use it.   We have what we have.  The guys that are here chose to be here.  I think that's ultimately what's most important."

Andress comes into the matchup flying high as well after defeating Hanks in its first game of the season. 

But the Spartans are confident that they have the talent to compete with the Eagles, despite the lack of seniors.

"Just stay humble and play our game," said running back Kevin Averette.  "As long as we do what we're taught and how we are known to play, then we should be good."

Pebble Hills coaches say they have a great deal of respect for Andress and their late coach, Alan Sepkowitz, who turned the Eagles into a regional powerhouse.

"Alan Sepkowitz built a tradition that's pretty much unmatched in West Texas and El Paso," said Torres.  "But to get ready for them, we've got to focus on where we need to improve."

The Spartans will be wearing special decals on their helmets that read "Sep" in honor of the late Andress coach.

Pebble Hills players say they hope to build a legacy like the one Coach "Sep" left behind at Andress.  Beating the Eagles would go a long way toward beginning that new legacy.